A map identifying the entire ranch landowner property

  1. William Bishop has 37 years’ experience in the Montana General Stream Adjudication of historical water right claims.
  2.  Mr. Bishop has participated in the adjudication process in the following Montana basins:  39F, 39E, 40A, 40C, 40F, 40H, 40M, 40O, 40Q, 40R, 40S, 41A, 41B, 41H, 41I, 41J, 41L, 41M, 41O, 41R, 41T, 41QJ, 42A, 42B, 42M, 42C, 42KJ, 43D, 43E, 43O, 43N, 43P, 43BV, 43Q, 76HB, 76HE, and 76HF.
  3. Review water right claims and water right permits that may impact water rights claims of an entity or an individual claimant.
  4. Prepare and assemble information required by claimants or attorneys to file Notices of Objection to water right claims.
  5. Conduct field investigations on historical water right claims.
  6. Compile information to assist claimants or attorneys to settle objections to water right claims.
  7. Provide expert testimony in matters that proceed to hearings before the Montana Water Court.  Thus far, have testified in hearings in Basins 40H, 42C, 43Q, 43D, 43N, 76HB, 76HE, and 76HF.
  8. Provide expert testimony in administrative matters before the DNRC
  9. Prepare current and historical aerial photograph maps using Geographical Information System software program (ArcGIS).
  10. Mr. Bishop is a certified drone pilot and has used drones to video/map irrigation ditches and other related agricultural figures.
  11. In addition to water rights issues, Mr. Bishop has worked with realtor’s to provide overhead photographs of the property with the use of a drone, provide maps of the property using the Montana Cadastral files and ArcGIS software program.
    PUBLICATIONS (Co-Authored)
    –  Report on the Current Status of Indian Irrigation Projections Administered by the BIA, 1988.
    –  Soil Survey of the Thaba Bosiu Project, Lesotho, Africa, (Basic Report), 1977.
    –  Soil Survey of the Thaba Bosiu Project, Lesotho, Africa, (Technical Appendix), 1977.